Julie Solovyeva
Cultural Strategist & Experience Curator

Cultural strategist working at the intersection of art, design
and technology to foster innovation, build community and
guide transformational change. My practice is informed by
human-centered narratives, interdisciplinary insight
and a passion for storytelling.

Currently leading all things brand and cultural strategy
for a selection of Japanese clients with Hakuhodo USA.

View a rotating selection of projects below.

2022-23  Brand, Culture, Experience: Hakuhodo USA
2022     Digital: Channel Studio
2022     Community: Superbien Studio
2022     Experiential: Patrón x Lalique  
2021     Community: YummyColours Concept of the Year
2021     Digital: APPARATUS
2020-21  Communications: Standard Dose
2020-21  Partnerships: Standard Dose
2020-21  Community: nate               
2020     Community: Standard Dose
2020     Brand: nate                           
2018-20  Communications: NeueHouse                
2018-20  Programming: NeueHouse
2018-20  Partnerships: NeueHouse
2018     Brand: Art Basel Cities                         
2018     Marketing: Art Basel Cities                     
2018     Innovation: Art Basel
2017     Experience: IMAX VR Centre
2016-18  Brand: Uniqlo SPRZ x MoMA           
2016-18  Innovation: Virgin Group
2015     Communications: Dustin Yellin
2014-15  Programming: Soho House   
2013     Innovation: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art  
2012     Communications: Museum of Everything      
2007-09  Marketing: Christiania Vodka               
2006     Communications: Yancey Richardson Gallery  

2020     Art: Anton Yelchin Provocative Beauty
2019-20  Music Series: NeueHouse Off the Record
2019     Retreat: NeueHouse x DesignHotels Unfinished
2019     Performance: Visions in Motion with ARTNOIR
2019     Art: Hadi Fallahpisheh The Truth Has Four Legs
2018-19  Event Series: Farfetch Dining in Color  
2018     Creator Conference: Pinterest In the Making
2017     Workshops: Levi’s at Monterey Pop Festival
2017     Art Commission: Dolby Gallery
2016     Event: Casper Sleep Symposium
2016     Art: Spring Break Art Show Against the Wall
2015-16  Event Series: Soho House Futurist Sessions
2015     Event: Soho House New Year’s Eve Party
2015     Event: Soho House Halloween Party      
2014     Art: 10011 Watching You               
2014     Art Commission: James Bridle Seeing You
2014     Art: Navine G. Khan-Dossos Pre-image         
2013     Art: EBRD Contested Frequencies               
2011-13  Program: ICA London Student Forum       
2010     Film: MoMA Frederick Wiseman Retrospective   
2009-10  Film: MoMA New Directors/New Films           
2009     Film: MoMA Spike Jonze: The First 80 Years     
2009     Film: MoMA Roy Andersson Retrospective         
2009     Film: MoMA Iberoamérica: Our Way(s)      
2004-07  Film: Tribeca Film Festival
2004     Music & Film: The Jewish Museum                  

2021     Event: Kickstarter x the Wide Awakes
2018     Campaign: Art Basel Cities Week: Buenos Aires
2017     Retail: IMAX VR Center
2017     Event: LivePerson Bots Conference        
2017     Product: Sigrid Calon Edition: Bookstand  
2017     Campaign: Uniqlo SPRZ SUPERGEOMETRIC        
2016     Campaign: Uniqlo SPRZ Only in New York   
2016     Campaign: Uniqlo SPRZ x KAWS                  
2016     Campaign: Uniqlo SPRZ Only in New York
2016     Product: Santtu Mustonen Edition: Mobile
2016     Event: Casper Sleep Symposium
2013     Art: Oreet Ashery Party for Freedom              
2013     Podcast: BBC Special The First Woman in Space    
2012     Exhibition: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art   
2006     Photography: Art + Commerce                     
2005     Editorial: Women’s Wear Daily: Fashion           
2003     Editorial: Seventeen Magazine: Fashion          

2013     Artforum Interview: James Bridle                   
2013     Artforum Interview: Oscar Murillo               
2013     Artforum Calvert 22: Sounding the Body Electric
2013     Artforum Jeu de Paume: an Exhibition Without Texts
2013     Garage Magazine Interview: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
2011     Institute The Trouble with Curating 
2003     ElleGirl Travel Diary: Italy

2020     Guest lecturer “Prototyping Luxury” at Parsons
         School of Design Strategies, New York
2019-20  Expert Advisory Board at National Academy of Design
2019     Speaker: Expanding Practice: Creative
         Collaborations with Brands at Art World Conference 
2019     Guest workshop designer at Assembly Room, New York
2012     Guest lecturer at Khoj Workshop, New Delhi
2011     Interactive symposium at PACT Zollverein, Essen

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose
the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all,
is a form of planning.”
– Gloria Steinem

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