Standard Dose
Agency: Grey House PR

Over the course of a year, I worked with Standard Dose to transform a retail platform into a go-to destination for wellness education, community and healing products.

In response to the pandemic, we pioneered a holistic digital-first community engagement platform through diversified event programming, content and partnerships that grew new audience segments 21% month-over-month in 2020.  

50+ creators, speakers and healers joined our interactive digital event series over IG Live and Zoom. From wellness and dream coaches, scientists to artists, filmmakers and activists - Standard Dose led the conversation promoting self-care, collective liberation, holistic healing practices and elevating a diversity of voices across its platforms.

A new brand positioning strategy focused on elevating thought-leadership, brand storytelling and new partnerships, which led to a 10% lift in social media following across channels, drove email subscriptions with 20% list growth and boosted revenue 3X from April to November 2020.

Through an in-depth cross-market and trend analysis, I helped identify new growth opportunities across product, category, and audience, and successfully launched brand in the UK through a strategic partnership with John Lewis.

Deepening brand value and purpose to help fight climate change, I led the creation of an actionable sustainability strategy to advance business towards climate neutral and environmentally positive practices.


    + Vogue UK
    + Surface Magazine
    + Fast Company
    + Travel & Leisure

My contributions

+ Brand & Communications Strategy
+ Product Innovation
+ Go-to-market Strategy
+ Event Programming
+ Content Strategy
+ Sustainability Audit & Strategy
+ Research & Insights
+ Founder Positioning
+ Organizational Design

Select collaborators

  • Alysia Reiner, actor, activist
  • Verena von Pfetten, co-founder of Gossamer
  • Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, artist, herbalist, activist
  • Lucas Sin, chef of Junzi Kitchen
  • Dr. Alex Capano, America’s first cannabis doctor
  • Undrea Wright, activist and healer
  • Liza Mandelup, filmmaker
  • Helen Phelan, intuitive pilates instructor
  • Eric Tyrone Brown, dream coach, founder of Soul Dreamers
  • Jasmine Takanikos, founder of BrandHuman
  • Alice Robb, author of Why We Dream
  • Prinita Thevarajah, artist and educator
  • Rasu Jilani, social sculptor, curator, activist
  • Marianna Jamadi, writer and photographer