Kickstarter Annual Party honoring the Wide Awakes

Part of an extended community of social activists, I produced the annual Kickstarter party honoring the Wide Awakes. Hosted by Kickstarter's Head of Arts, Patton Hindle, as well as artist Hank Willis Thomas, the event brought together art world luminaries and social activists including Manushka Magloire (Wide Awakes), Justine Ludwig and Diya Vij (Creative Time), Rujeko Hockley (Whitney Museum), Nicole Berry (Armory Show), Yvonne Force Villareal (Art Production Fund), Larry Ossei-Mensa, Fab 5 Freddy, Ben Frost, Risa Puno, and others who gathered to pay tribute to the work of abolitionists started back in 1860. The current Wide Awakes have reemerged in 2020 to fight for justice, democracy and welfare for all people. They are an open-source network who radically reimagine the future through creative collaboration.

The event took place at an experimental Brooklyn music venue - public records and featured vinyl sets by DJ Reborn and DJ Black Helmet (music moniker for artist Azikiwe Mohammed) amongst others of the Wide Awakes crew.