Hello, and welcome.

In case you were interested to learn more about my lived and professional experience:

I spent my formative years as a researcher and curator in the art world. This experience taught me to look at objects, spaces, and images as signs of underlying cultural patterns shaping the human experience.

Today, I use that knowledge to frame my practice as a strategist, cultural interpreter and producer who believes that intersectional thinking enables creative innovation and builds more resilient communities.

I craft dynamic brand narratives, creative experiences and engagement programs for art organizations and global design, fashion, hospitality and lifestyle brands. I have flexed my neural networks with disruptor tech start-ups, dipped my toes into AI and transhumanism, pondered the future of sleep and architected a brand system for the world’s first non-profit bank (launching soon!).

A trusted adviser to artists, clients and partners, I have launched community engagement programs, managed integrated brand campaigns with varying degrees of complexity and created impact-driven solutions for established and emerging brands like Levi’s, Uniqlo, Casper, Pinterest, Virgin, IMAX, Dolby, Farfetch, MoMA, Art Basel, Garage Center for Contemporary Art, Artsy, NeueHouse, Soho House, Standard Dose, nate and others.

I value open dialogue and have taken part in many industry panels for Fast Company Innovation Festival, CAA, Soho House, NeueHouse, National Academy of Design, ICA (London), Art World Conference, Cultured Magazine, Armory Show, Parsons School of Design and others.

With an international academic background in semiotics, conceptual art and aesthetics studying under the guidance of philosopher Boris Groys, my perspective is shaped by experimental art practices, collaboration and human experience. I draw on cross-industry insights and reference a diverse range of cultural, historical, creative, and technological sources.

When not tackling questions of global cultural shifts, I support emergent art practices by mentoring new media artists and entrepreneurs at New Inc and dedicate my time to advocating for the socially-engaged work of Creative Time.

I practice running for meditation, cycle for gender-equality with Nightcap Brooklyn, and help the other kinds of cultures grow in my Brooklyn kitchen-laboratory.

Some things I am currently contemplating:

+ the possibility and emotional toll of a future where death has been cured;
+ what AI dolls could be longing for;
+ the advancement of a new metaverse, an always-online, persistent, spatial ‘second’ world, and how artists are ushering the way of new Web3 experience.